Why Sheepadoodles?

Why Sheepadoodles?

Why Sheepadoodles?

Why Sheepadoodles? We have often been asked this question. So, why would a person get a Sheepadoodle? Almost anyone who has owned an Old English Sheepdog (OES) has fallen in love with this double-coated shaggy dog. Known for their wildly thick low-shedding coats, Old English Sheepdogs were originally farm dogs/companions with several purposes. They are affectionate, but not overly dependent. To friendly to be a good guard dog, the size and loud bark of the Old English Sheepdog, helps them excel as watch dogs. Their herding instinct will sometimes kick in when the Old English Sheepdog gets protective of children. They’re very watchful over children, and like to know where their “kids” are at all times.

Why would you consider a Sheepadoodle instead of a purebred Old English Sheepdog?

Although you never can perfectly predict which trait a hybrid doodle puppy will get, many people find the Sheepadoodle to have these added benefits over an Old English Sheepdog.

Sheepadoodle Facts

  • Sheepadoodles are 50% Old English Sheepdog and 50% Poodle.
  • Often Goldendoodle or Labradoodle owners looking for a larger dog get a Sheepadoodle.
  • Typical Sheepadoodle colors are black, white, black and white, or red and white (rare).
  • Sheepadoodles are comparable to Goldendoodles with the following differences:
    • Sheepadoodles are usually larger
    • Sheepadoodles are usually more likely to be a watch dog
    • Sheepadoodles have more striking colors (usually)
    • Sheepadoodles typically have blockier head shapes
    • Both are outstanding with children, are typically very healthy and tend to love the water
  • A Sheepadoodle’s hybrid vigor is the result of crossing two diverse gene pools (Poodles + Old English Sheepdog). Frequently the resulting Sheepadoodle puppy (OES/Poodle) has fewer health issues than either parent breed would have.

Sheepadoodle Comparison

  • Sheepadoodles are usually healthier
    • hybrid vigor typically makes a doodle healthier than its original purebred counterpart
    • additionally poodles tend to be a very healthy breed with few hip problems
  • Sheepadoodles are usually very friendy
    • might still be a watch dog
    • but not not as territorial as a purebred OES
  • Sheepadoodles are intelligent; since poodles are practically geniuses
  • Sheepadoodles are easier to train than a purebred Old English Sheepdog
    • Poodles are very eager to please,
    • Whereas the OES can be somewhat stubborn
  • Sheepadoodles are usually non-shedding.
    • Most Sheepadoodle owners say their dog is non-shedding
    • Pure Old English Sheepdogs are usually low-to-moderate shedders
  • Sheepadoodles are non-drooling.
  • Sheepadoodles usually love the water.
    • Poodles were originally water retrievers
  • Sheepadoodles are nice exercise companions.
    • A Sheepadoodle tends to be a much better jogging partner than an Old English Sheepdog who may try to herd you the entire time.
    • Also Sheepadoodles usually have a little lighter bone structure (though they appear just as fluffy with their thick coats)
  • Sheepadoodles usually travel very well.
  • Sheepadoodles are known for being outstanding with children (not as likely to herd children as a pure OES).
  • Sheepadoodles have more color options than a purebred Old English Sheepdog.
  • Mini Sheepadoodles give you additional sizing options than you wouldn’t have with an OES.
  • Like most standard poodles, the vast majority of Sheepadoodles are very friendly to other animals (cats, guinea pigs, etc).
  • Most doodle owners love their present doodle so much that they swear that they will never own another non-doodle dog. Sheepadoodles provide an additional doodle variety for someone who already owns a Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, or Aussiedoodle. Click here for the Crockett Doodles website which explains differences between various doodles.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

Josh Billings

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